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our berries

Always striving for the best

Mexico is one of the largest and best berry growers, and our berries are grown in the best berry-producing areas in Mexico.




Our main cooler is located in Patuán, Michoacán, a municipality also known as the "Land of Blackberries".


From our cooler, you could basically throw a rock in any direction and it will land on a blackberry field.


We do a two-day harvest and ship, which combined with rigorous quality filters and a box-by-box quality control, ensures the best possible quality in each box of your pallet.

Mexican blueberries are highly sought after for their high levels of sweetness, AKA Brix degrees.


Our blueberries, with excellent sweetness, bloom, size, and firmness, are harvested in the best orchards of Michoacán and Puebla.

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