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Control de calidad

About Us

At Cool Berries, we keep things simple, with extreme attention to detail.


Our quality control is meticulous, allowing us to market berries of the highest quality that´s humanly possible.


We honor the land and the people, thus forming alliances with our growers, transporters, team members, and clients. Our most valuable resource is the human resource.


By keeping things simple and striving for excellence, we can offer three pillars in our service: Quality, Volume, and Consistency.


Try our berries and get Cool!


Aprendiendo del maestro

Several decades ago, a group of farmers from the Patuán and Ziracuaretiro region introduced the first blackberry bushes, initially of the Brazos variety. These farmers had a good amount of land, mainly thanks to the Agrarian Reform in Mexico, and thus became producers.


Don Felipe recounts that former President Zedillo would take them around different parts of Mexico, showcasing this group of Farmers to other Farming and Indigenous communities as an example of prosperity and entrepreneurship.


To this day, many continue to work their lands, primarily producing blackberries.


For Cool Berries, it is an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to expand the borders of this legacy, and that is why we respectfully honor the work of those who have made possible the creation and development of this industry.


Our main operations are located in Michoacán and Puebla.


In Michoacán, we are in a blackberry area, and we also pack blueberries, and in Puebla, during the summer, we work with both conventional and organic blueberries.


Both our cooler and orchards rigorously adhere to the highest standards of safety and quality, holding internationally recognized certifications such as Primus GFS and Global GAP. This ensures the freshness, food safety, and exceptional quality of each of our berries.

Our seasons

The season in Michoacán runs from September until approximately May or June, or until the start of the rainy season. During the summer, we pack for the domestic market in Mexico. This applies to both blackberries and blueberries.


Our season in Puebla is during the summer, starting in May and ending in August. In Puebla, we work exclusively with blueberries, which can be either organic or conventional.

Our team

At Cool Berries, we have a good time while we work, and we strive to maintain an excellent work environment at all times. The work is demanding, and we invest our energy in doing it the best way possible.


Our greatest resource is the human resource, and it is the dedication and awareness of each of us that make the best results possible..

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